In this age of technology, social media has become a crucial component for every business. Through their social media presence, they are able to keep a consistent connection with their clients. This eventually allows them to have a better understanding of their customer’s tastes and preferences, and to acquire new potential customers. One such significant social media platform is Instagram. 

However, making an account is like a walk in the park. But acquiring followers is what makes it difficult. Since you cannot force people to like your account, It can be quite difficult to acquire genuine followers. And a brand must have followers unless creating an Instagram presence will be nothing but a futile effort.  

In case you have created an Instagram business profile and are facing trouble getting followers to your account, then don’t worry. This article will tell you 3 simple ways through which you will be able to get a genuine target audience as your followers. So, keep reading this article to learn how to get more followers on Instagram. 

Optimize Your Instagram Account

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to optimize your Instagram account. Make your account attractive, tempting, and engaging by adding photos, bio, and videos. In the bio, you should mention what your business is and your aim. As for the photos and videos, you should only post things that are relevant to your business. This will be your brand identity which will allow your followers to distinguish you from your competitors. Also, make sure to go a step ahead of your competitors when optimizing your account. 

Buying Instagram Followers

While it is cheating, you can always buy a certain amount of organic followers to make your account engaging. Many companies offer you to køb Instagram følgere (Buy Instagram Followers) in exchange for a certain fee. However, when buying followers, make sure to opt for organic followers, that means, actual people. To do that you should opt for a reliable company that offers you to køb Instagram følgere (Buy Instagram Followers)

Buying Instagram followers can be a little risky, so, when you decide to opt for this, make sure you buy followers in a small amount, so it doesn’t appear obvious. 

Maintain A Consistent Content Calendar 

Do everything in an organized manner. If you want to post something, make sure to keep it pre-planned. In simple words, schedule your Instagram posts in advance. To do that, you will have to create a content calendar where you have the time and date for each post that you will make in the future. By following a content calendar you will be able to maintain a consistent engagement with your followers without making them uncomfortable. 


By following the above-mentioned simple tips, you will be able to attract potential followers to your Instagram account. Creating a social media presence is easy, but what makes it difficult is the management. You should always keep a positive front and apply creative ideas so your followers don’t get bored with you. When you keep your followers happy and satisfied, you will automatically witness the growth of your business.

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Eva Vice a is an entrepreneur, author and a media manager. She is the founder of Cloud Fender. She used to work as a consultant for different corporations in Singapore.

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