Prevention is the priority to prevent diseases and pests in the vegetable garden. Early measures before making a vegetable garden suggested on this page are essential to obtain good knowledge about the characteristics of vegetables. In addition, it is necessary to acquire knowledge in advance about the time of occurrence and the types of pests. Suppose you find signs of illness or pests. Take early action before the damage spreads so that you can harvest fresh and durable vegetables.

Countermeasures against the environment, diseases, and pests in the vegetable garden

When fertilizing, do not over-fertilize. Carefully assess the characteristics of the vegetables and give them the proper amount in a well-balanced manner. It is important to note that organic fertilizers, which tend to be high in nitrogen, can cause illness.

Pests and diseases that occur in your garden

They develop in a kitchen garden. When you make vegetables in the vegetable garden, various pests are generated, full of holes. Why? Insects are well aware that vegetables are nutritious. In addition, since the vegetable garden is grown with nutrient-rich fertilizers, it is inevitably a plant that insects can easily attach to. Create well-drained soil. Watering should be modest, and when the temperature is high, mulching should be done with straw. Sick strains should be removed and disposed of as soon as possible.

Rust disease rust

April-October, similar to downy mildew, is a disease caused by infection with filamentous fungi. Spots like rust floating on the leaves of vegetables spread and hinder their growth. Spraying wettable powder 2-3 times every other week in the initial state will prevent the damage from spreading. Diseased strains are removed and disposed of as soon as possible.

The viral disease

With the mosaic disease, year-round pest outbreaks are a disease that develops when microorganisms invade the cells of plants. It is transmitted by pests such as aphids. Get rid of pests often. Once it develops, it is difficult to cure it, so the entire strain is withdrawn and disposed of. It may be transmitted from gardening tools, so disinfect and sterilize them before use. Benlatewettable powder is effective as a drug.

 Become a pest control Technician

There is no need for a college degree if one plans to become a pest control professional. However, as per the state laws and certifying organizations, there is a need to attend training courses and get certified. One can ask the local pest control board to provide information about the eligibility criteria and where to attend the training course.

If you want to start a kitchen garden, first and foremost, make crops in an airy place with improved soil, sunshine, and airiness. Are you leaving it as it is without treatment, even if weeding is spreading wet soil and weeds? Pests love such places. When it comes to pesticide licensing, there are two types. For spraying pesticides on private land like private agricultural chemicals spraying license farms. For spraying pesticides on business or commercial land, commercial pesticide spraying licenses.

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