There’s no such thing as a perfect υδραυλικοσ 24 ωρεσ. Even if you’re paying them to do everything, they’ll still make mistakes. But how do you know when that mistake is so egregious that it makes the rest of your life worse than it already was? Here are some telltale signs that suggest your plumber has gone rogue and you need to find someone else. 

  • They’re rude or unhelpful. If they won’t return your phone calls, they’re not going to be great at fixing your problem either. The most important thing in plumbing is communication. You have to tell these people exactly what the problem is and why you think it’s happening. That way, they can fix it. It’s their job. If they don’t want to help, you’re probably doing something wrong. 
  • They don’t understand the basics. This means that they don’t know about basic safety procedures or they don’t understand how pipes work. Do you really want someone who doesn’t know how to shut off water before they start working on your pipes? These guys should know enough to keep out of harm’s way until they can get your system back up and running. 

  • They charge too much. No matter how good they think they are, there’s no reason for them to charge $100 an hour for a simple call-out. It’s not like they’re replacing a sink or installing a new toilet. If they’re charging that much just because they have a van with ‘plumbers’ written on it, then they must be very skilled indeed. 
  • There’s never any money left over after they’ve done their job. I’m sure you’ve seen those commercials where the guy shows up, fixes your problem, and leaves you a check under your door. Of course, he did all this while you were in pain. If your plumber does anything remotely close to that, then he isn’t worth his salt. 
  • He’s late. If he’s going to take more than two hours to come to your house, then he’s probably taking advantage of you. When you hire a plumber, you’re hiring them to do a job. That means they have other things to do, and they shouldn’t waste your time unless they really need to. 
  • They don’t ask questions. If your plumber comes by and tells you that all you need to do is replace one hose, but he doesn’t ask you which one, then he’s not trying to solve your problem. If he doesn’t ask how old your system is, whether it’s made for hot water or cold water, or if it’s even safe to use right now, then he’s not going to be able to fix it correctly. Your system will break down again and you’ll wind up having to pay him to come back. 
  • They offer you a bad deal. If they say they can fix your problem for $200, but you end up spending $400 or more, then they didn’t give you an honest estimate. Most likely, they’d rather just charge whatever they think you’ll pay instead of actually telling you the truth. 
  • They offer you a lot less than your insurance company pays. If a plumber says he can fix your problem for only $150, but your insurance company paid your deductible and a couple hundred dollars more, then that’s a pretty clear sign that you’re getting ripped off. 
  • They promise you a quick fix. If they guarantee that they’ll show up within 20 minutes of receiving a call, then they aren’t going to leave you waiting around for days or weeks before they can resolve your problem. 
  • They won’t follow up. Just because they came to your house and fixed something doesn’t mean they’ll always be available to answer your phone calls. If you call them and get no response, it’s not surprising that you might start thinking they’re not worth your time. 
  • They try to convince you they need to charge more because it’s ‘worth it’. If they tell you they need to charge twice as much because it’s ‘a big job’, then they probably aren’t very qualified. A plumber is a professional who knows the value of their own time, so they don’t waste theirs. 
  • They lie to you. A crooked plumber is one who lies about what’s causing your problem or how long it will take to fix it. Lying to a customer is a terrible business practice that shows that they care more about making money than they do about helping you. 
  • They don’t provide references. If they refuse to provide you with any kind of reference or testimonial from a previous customer, then you have no idea whether or not they’re trustworthy. Even if they claim to be the best, you still need proof of that fact. 
  • They don’t fix the problem. If they tell you they’ll put your system back together properly, but then they don’t, you know they’re not being straight with you. They may claim to be the best, but they could also be saying they’re the worst. Either way, you deserve better. 

  • They don’t treat your home professionally. If they come into your home and leave dirty tools lying around, they’re not treating your property with respect. They’re not interested in keeping everything clean and tidy, so they’re not going to be great at resolving your problem. 
  • They show up without calling ahead. If they show up at your house without giving you a heads-up, then chances are they’re not going to be great at handling the situation. If they show up without ringing the bell or knocking loudly, they’re probably not going to be great at dealing with customers. 
  • They’re dishonest. If they promise you a certain service and then fail to deliver, they’re not being fair. 
  • They don’t listen to you. If they don’t listen to your concerns, then they’re not going to be able to resolve your problem correctly. They may be great at doing the job, but they’re not going to be great at solving your problem. 
  • They don’t offer advice. This one can apply to both men and women. If they refuse to offer any kind of advice, then they’re not going to be able to help you. If they offer advice, but they’re clearly not experts in their field, then they’re not going to be able to help you. 
  • They don’t tell you how much it costs. If they refuse to explain how much it will cost you to repair your system, then they’re not doing their jobs correctly. If they do tell you the price, but it seems high to you, then they’re not being honest. 
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