Losing control is not an option:

It’s happened to all of us. We’ve got halfway through the day and everything has been going really well. And then Joanne, across the hall, just had to say what she said, it was hurtful, and then the next thing you know, you have lost it.

At times like these, It’s easy to see how anger can flare up and take control of almost any situation. However, with practice, and the techniques used in the book I am recommending, ‘ Anger Management – Regaining control of your life’ by J. J. Cooper, you and everyone like you is quite capable of learning techniques that will effectively make such events a thing of the past.

At one time, you may well have been like me, happy in life, untroubled and looking forward to each new day. And like me, you may have arrived at a time in your life when the pressures of your surroundings and your interactions with other people have gradually degraded until you find yourself quite literally, flying off the handle, at what in reality are rather minor events.

That was then, now? Well, now I no longer have such issues, although it did take me quite some time to learn what was in actual fact setting me off each time. I wish now, that I had had the opportunity to follow a well structured and progressive program that helped me see things for what they really were.

But back then, I had been unable to find a program that I could relate to. And thankfully, a good friend of mine pointed me in the direction of J. J. Cooper’s book. I liked the fact that the book didn’t just drive straight into techniques and exercises and actually set out to explain what anger was and in a way that I could easily understand.

Having once identified the situations that typically caused me to become angry, it was then a matter of clearly defining what my own personal triggers where and then using this information, together with some simple methods, that would prove most effective in helping me to avoid what would previously have been an uncontrolled outburst.

Out of all the techniques I have learnt, I have to say that my personal favourite was the one about ‘entering the room, and then leaving it’, I realise that will not mean much to you, but believe me it’s a most effective technique and one I find I can call on pretty much every day.

It’s so nice now to be able to observe situations that at one time would have got me flying off the handle knowing that today, I can simply smile, and walk away.

Anger management, however, is of course not simply about avoidance, it is as equally important to take up issues with those that may be causing the problem in the first place, but in a way that is not confrontational to either party and in situations like that, everyone has the opportunity to benefit.

So, if any of what I have described related to you, then might I suggest you go over to J. J.’s site and get a more detailed introduction to his book and the material covered, you will not be disappointed.

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Eva Vice a is an entrepreneur, author and a media manager. She is the founder of Cloud Fender. She used to work as a consultant for different corporations in Singapore.

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