Are you ready for the Fortnite Fracture? It’s time to get your game face on as the long awaited event begins at 8pm EST on February 19th. If you’ve been waiting anxiously for this special event, now is your chance to show off your gaming skills. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite Fracture start time and how to play.

Before we dive into the details of the Fortnite Fracture, let’s quickly discuss why it’s important for players with fortnite accounts to join in. The event runs from 8pm EST until 12am EST each day and gives players a chance to earn exclusive rewards that can be used in-game. In addition, all players who participate will have a chance to win rare weapons and items that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

What is Fortnite Fracture?

Fortnite Fracture is an exciting new way for players with Fortnite accounts to team up and compete against other teams across two different maps – one during the night and one during the day. Players must work together to complete objectives while trying not to die or damage their own team’s base before reaching their goal. Teams that successfully complete their mission can then move on to the next map where they’ll face more challenges.

How do you take part in the event?

Anyone with a Fortnite account can join in the fun by heading over to the official website and registering for an account. Once you’ve registered, simply head over to the lobby area where you’ll find various teams listed under the ‘My Team’ tab – each with a unique name such as ‘Team A’ or ‘Team B’ – select the team you’re most interested in and click ‘Join Now! Once you have joined, make sure that everyone has agreed on a set of strategies so that no one gets lost along the way – this includes making sure that everyone knows what role they should take when attacking enemies or defending objectives!

How is the game played?

Players will enter through either day or night mode, depending on the map they have chosen at registration time – once inside, teams will have access to various tools such as guns, explosives, traps etc… to help them achieve victory over opposing opponents; cooperation between teammates is key to success, so communication between squad members is essential throughout the game!

Key features of the event

The whole concept of this event revolves around teamwork – therefore, squads must always stay connected if they are to overcome any challenge that comes their way; also note that all participating teams will receive bonus XP points based on how well they performed during each match – these points can later be used as currency within Fortnite accounts!

Game modes available during the event

During this limited time period, only two game modes will be available – Solo Mode (play alone) & Group Mode (play with up to 4 friends). Both modes offer different rewards, but require different levels of strategy depending on your chosen difficulty setting (easy/medium/hard). In addition, some missions may even allow the use of vehicles such as helicopters or tanks, which can greatly increase your chances of success!

Tips for winning

If you’re aiming for victory, here are a few useful tips: always focus on fire when destroying enemy structures; try to use explosive weapons such as rockets whenever possible; remember that cover equals life, so always seek any available shelter when fighting; finally, never overestimate the strength of the enemy, no matter how many there may be, because overwhelming force is not always necessary – sometimes clever tactics pay off better than brute force alone!


Whether playing solo or with friends, anyone with a Fortnite account should definitely take part in this unique event – just don’t forget the important tips mentioned above, otherwise winning might be harder than expected! Good luck fellow players & happy gaming!

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