How many times have you read or watched an ad for a weight-loss program and gotten excited and hopeful because of the astounding weight loss it promised you? Then how many times have you attempted to follow the regime only to fail? Then after failing, how often did you blame your self instead of the program?

If you have had this experience even once, then you have been “had” by a Weight Loss Wimp. If you follow the guidelines I have described below, you will have a far greater chance of finding the right program for you and losing weight permanently.

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If you are even vaguely experienced in the struggles of weight loss, then you have encountered a number of Weight Loss Wimps. They love to make loud noises to attract your attention. But sadly, making noise is what they do best. While they are legal they are only slightly more effective than the scams.

Weight Loss Wimps are different from scams in that they can document some success, thus they are legal. They do actually work for some individuals at least for the short term and most are not dangerous to your physical health. I consider them potentially harmful to your emotional health because they have an extremely high failure rate and often cause the participant to blame themselves instead of the inadequate (wimpy) program.

How to Identify a Weight Loss Wimp

Actually, it is incredibly easy to identify a Weight Loss Wimp because almost 95 percent of all weight-loss programs qualify. If you are considering a weight-loss program right now, chances are it has all the ingredients of Wimpdom. Here are the crucial identifiers.

A WLW has only one (diet plan) or possibly two (diet and exercise) of the basic weight loss elements and they portray their program as whole and fully successful.

Question: Can you identify the Four Basic Elements of Successful Weight Loss?

If you are unable to say yes to this question, then you could easily be taken in by most WLW’s. (See ingredients below)

Guess what? Here is the good news. There is only one thing you need to know in order to identify a Weight Loss Wimp and that is Point No. 1 above. No kidding. If you look closely at any weight loss process you can quickly tell if it contains all four elements. If even one element is missing then you would do well to turn around and run in the opposite direction. If you stay, you will have almost guaranteed failure, disappointment and most often increased self-hate (most weight-challenged individuals blame themselves instead of the wimpy program).

Here are the Four Basic Elements of Successful Weight Loss. Please use these as a guideline to inspect any weight loss process that you may consider:

  1. The Physical Element

Part One — Attention to what and how much you eat. Most WLWs are good to great at this part. The trouble is that they over emphasize its significance and neglect the other 3 elements.

Part Two -– Attention to various forms of physical exercise. Once again many WLWs are good at this but they also over emphasize its significance and forget elements 3, 4 and 5.

  1. The Emotional Element

The true cause of chronic weight gain that is almost always totally avoided by WLW’s.

  1. The Mental Element

Partially attended to by a few WLWs but never in depth and never truly related to the Emotional Element.

  1. The Spiritual Element

Avoided like the plague by 99 percent of all WLWs, with the exception of a small number of fear-based religious groups.

Big Question: Where can you find a program that contains all four basic ingredients?

I know this may sound like an ad but I can honestly give only one answer to this question. I have done quite a bit of research about this over the last 20 years and so far I have found one program that includes and responsibly attends to all 4. The answer is No other company, to my knowledge, on or off the Internet, can come even vaguely close to the in-depth and integrated program that has created.

If you know of a better one then let me know but no until you check out eDiets in depth and compare it carefully to the competitor. Until then I am very thankful that I happen to work for the best of the best.

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