Back and knee pain are the most common issue found in almost every person. Today, 90% of people suffer from it for several reasons like improper diet, hectic work schedule, not performing enough exercise, and many more.

This problem has not just affected people’s daily chores but has also led to another health issue. There are numerous ways to cure back and knee pain if started in an early painful way. These problems should not be ignored as they can be disastrous if not paid attention to.

According to a survey conducted by the world health organization, around 60% of people have back and knee pain due to bow legs, and fixing bow legs will automatically cure joint pains. It may sound complicated, but it is not if proper exercising methods are followed.

  • Apply ice

Ice packs work well if you are suffering from back and knee pain. Just wrap some ice in a towel and apply it to the affected area. It will temporarily make the loss of sensation in the knee and back and make you feel them feel relaxed.

Repeating it twice a day will give you the best results in the future, and your pain will vanish. This remedy may take some time to work but is it the most effective one for joint pains.

  • Bed rest

Many doctors advise that bed rest is the best way to cure your muscle pain. It will calm the joints and produce heat in them, which will cure your pain. Unfortunately, due to hectic schedules, people usually get less time to sleep, which causes these issues.

Apart from this, the people having bow legs are also facing joint pain a lot in the last decades; due to this, fixing bow legs has become a significant cause of concern to decrease the percentage of people suffering from back and knee pain.

  • Using heat pads

There is a lot of say that heating pads give people instant relief from severe joint pains if applied directly to the affected area. These hot bags provide extensive heat to the joints and relieve the muscles which have caused pain.

Several tissues in our body get connected while we perform any exercise, so hot pads help them get separated by providing heat to the joints and releasing pain.

  • Avoid intense workout

No doubt, working out can make your joint pain worse, so it is advisable to avoid it if you face any pain in your back and knee.

Carrying heavy weights or your body can deteriorate the shape of your joints and can make the case severe and incurable. It is best to perform yoga and meditation if you do not want to skip your workout session and still want to take care of your muscles and body.

  • Carry lightweights

There are several cases in which people carry heavy loads while performing household chores or other work. Sometimes bending your back fast or holding something serious for a more extended period can cause these issues.

Due to this, it is better that you either carry light weights or not take any load until you recover from joint pain.

These pains should not be ignored, and people should be careful while doing any heavy task.

  • Practice stretching

Stretching is the best way to cure your back and knee pain. Doing little exercises which do not require higher strength is the best.

Indulge yourself in stretching classes, which will teach you the correct pattern of exercise to include in your daily life to cure these problems.

These all methods will help you to regain your everyday life back, and make you relieve your back and knee pain quickly. Just use these methods, and you will get great results in the long run.

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