It’s a wonder how many women have wasted their money on cheap silk gowns that feel like heavy, uncomfortable rags when they wear them. But with the fitting silk nightgown, you can turn those affordable outfits into show-stopping works of art. In the below details, you will go over the best places to buy one online and some tactics for finding your perfect gown at a resort or in person.

Choosing the right silk nightdress can be a complex process. When you go to the store in person, you can have a great deal of trouble finding one that fits perfectly, and even if you do, it could ultimately be the wrong style for your body type. And because of their delicate nature, it’s hard to take garments like this out of their packaging and look at them clearly under bright lights.

  • High Thread Count

Always look for silk gowns with a high thread count. It’s typically considered 100% silk if it has a thread count of at least 400. That’s the same as many fabrics sold online, so you can be sure you’ll get the highest quality material.

  • Try to Avoid One-Piece Outfits

Try to avoid anyone piece outfits or anything that looks worn out. You’re buying these pieces to be used when you’re with your partner, and they should always feel new and exciting. If you see any damage or wrinkles, it’s probably time to look for something else.

  • Avoid Shiny Silk Gowns

Silk tends to show every single little wrinkle more than any other fabric. It makes it easier to find the perfect gown by not searching through the store but looking at pictures online of the available shifts in your size. If you see a shiny and smooth dress, it’s very likely not what you want.

  • Avoid Tightly Woven Fabrics

Try to stick to loosely woven fabrics on your silk nightgowns if you can avoid it. The tighter the weave of fiber, the more detail there is in those wrinkles when you move. And those wrinkles will be very prominent on a tightly woven fabric like silk, which will make it look more wrinkled than it is.

  • Choose a Nightgown with a Longer Length

Nightgowns with a longer length are the best ones to choose. They often hit you below the middle of your kneecap, which is more than long enough when you’re not standing and walking around. The shorter ones can be tough to move around in, while the longer ones will allow you to be comfortable when you wear them at night.

  • Avoid Getting One with a Deep V-Neck

If at all possible, you should avoid any nightgowns with a deep v-neck. These are very flattering on many women, but they can also make it challenging to keep your breasts from falling out of them. So if you get one with a deep v-neck, you’ll have to take it off at night and wear a tank top or something else with a low neck, just in case. And if you’re going to wear something like this in front of your partner, it should always look perfect and never sloppy.

  • Downtown Review

When shopping online, you can find silks at stores like Dress overstock or directly from Amazon. The first thing to look for in these places is the reviews. If any buyers have complained about the quality of something, then it’s likely not worth purchasing. Once again, if you see anything that looks worn out, wrinkled, or damaged, you should proceed with caution.

  • Lingerie and Sleepwear Reviews

The same reviews apply to lingerie, sleepwear, and anything you’ll wear in front of your partner. And if you can’t find any reviews, it’s probably time to move on to another store. For example, if there are high thread count silk nightgowns for sale online, they should have plenty of reviews. And if they don’t, you should shop somewhere else.

  • Avoid Cheap Material

Always look for a high thread count silk nightgown. That will ensure that you get the highest quality material possible. Often, the lower thread counts will be in the 300-400 range, making them look very stiff and inflexible. And while they may look silky, they may also have an unpleasant itch. Plus, you risk finding loose threads, thin spots, and other flaws in lower thread count items.

There is nothing worse than cheap silk nightgowns that fit poorly, feel terrible, and make you look messy. On the other hand, a good silk nightgown will look amazing, feel amazing and make you look like a million dollars when you wear it. It’s important to remember that they are delicate and should be handled with care, but if you find the right one, they can make a difference in how your marriage night goes.

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