Choosing a jewelry box for men is tricky. There are so many choices and options, it can be hard to decide what style will work best for you. This article will help you choose the right jewelry box for your man.  You want to make sure that he has one of these jewelry box for men when out on the town with his friends or at home while entertaining guests. You can even use them as a gift for him if the occasion calls for it. 

Men’s Jewelry Box Styles 

There are several different styles of jewelry boxes available for men. Some have compartments in which to store smaller items like cufflinks, tie clips, etc., but others are designed primarily for larger pieces like necklaces and rings. 

The most popular designs include the traditional men’s jewelry box and the modernized version known as the “jeweler’s box.” These two basic models are also often combined into one piece of jewelry making equipment. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in sophistication, you should consider the “man’s jewelry” box. It features all kinds of ornate embellishments. If you think this might be a bit too much, then there are still some other variations available.

The first one we’ll discuss is the “jeweler’s box.” 

These are the more traditional jewelry boxes that men use to hold their jewelry. They usually come with one main compartment that holds larger pieces like a necklace or ring. The top lid contains an additional compartment for small items such as tie clips or cuff links. 

These boxes are made from wood, plastic, metal, or lacquer. They also come in various sizes ranging from 4 inches square to 6 feet tall. 

While they may not be as flashy and stylish as some of the other styles mentioned above, they do provide ample space for storage. Their primary drawback is that they are quite large and bulky. They also tend to be expensive. 

The second type of jewelry box that I would recommend is the modern “jeweler’s box.” 

This type of box is sleek and compact. Often times it resembles a piece of art itself. It has no compartments inside, just a single compartment for storing larger items like necklaces. 

It does offer plenty of room for holding smaller items like earrings and tie clips though. However, it doesn’t always allow for convenient access to those items. 

Because the box is so small, it’s easy to lose things like earrings and tie clips inside. You can end up having to dig through piles of clothing to find them again. 

Another downside to this type of jewelry box is its price tag. While it isn’t very expensive, it is definitely on the higher end of budget-conscious men’s jewelry boxes. 

If you’d rather avoid spending too much money on this kind of jewelry box, you could opt for a third model called the “man’s jewelry” box. 

This model is similar to the modern “jeweler’s box” described earlier. The only difference is that this one comes in two parts. The upper part contains a single compartment with a hinged door. The lower half is a decorative base plate that holds all the other components together. 

One thing to keep in mind about this style of jewelry box is that it must be assembled by hand. So if you don’t feel comfortable doing that sort of work, you won’t be able to purchase one. 

The fourth style of jewelry box discussed here is the “pocket jewelry box.” 

Like the previous ones, this type of box is composed of two separate pieces. But unlike the other three examples, this one is actually small enough to fit inside someone’s pocket. 

Some models feature a single compartment while others have multiple compartments. One common design consists of a series of drawers that slide out of each side. 

When closed, the unit looks like a miniature jewelry chest. When opened, the drawer slides out of the front panel. 

This box is ideal if you need a place to store small items like earrings or tie clips. Not only that, but it can also double as a portable makeup kit if you plan to wear formal attire to events. 

The fifth type of jewelry box we’ll cover is the “tote bag jewelry box.” 

Like the other styles mentioned, this one is made from durable materials. Unlike the rest of the boxes mentioned here, however, it doesn’t resemble an actual jewelry case. Instead, it resembles a small tote bag. 

This makes it easier to carry around wherever you go since it fits easily within your purse or backpack. 

The sixth and final type of jewelry box I will mention here is the “handmade jewelry box.” These types of boxes are made from precious metals like gold and silver. They are typically sold online and are handmade by craftsmen in the United States. 

Many of them also contain a built-in light source so you can view your jewelry without causing any damage to it. 

So now you know everything about how to choose a men’s jewelry box. Now it’s time to put it to the test. Go ahead and compare the six options we’ve discussed here against each other to see which one you prefer.

When it comes to choosing between wood, metal, plastic, or lacquer, you should consider the following factors: 

  • Price – Do you want something inexpensive? Or are you willing to spend a little extra dough to get something unique? 
  • Storage area – Is the size of the jewelry box adequate? Will you need to dig through piles of clothes to find your earrings or tie clip every day? 
  • Accessibility – Are there handles on the sides of the box for easy carrying? Can you open the box easily without getting tangled up in the contents? 
  • Quality – How long has the company been in business? Has it received good reviews from customers? 

Once you’ve chosen a particular type of jewelry box, you’ll probably want to store it somewhere safe. So where should you store it? A jewelry box is basically useless unless you have somewhere to put it. 


You can either store it on your dresser, underneath your bed or in a closet. Whatever option you take, make sure you protect it from dust, dirt, and moisture. And don’t forget to label it! 

In conclusion, don’t let a lack of knowledge hold you back from buying the perfect jewelry box for your man. You might be surprised at how simple it can be to pick the right one for him. After all, he deserves the best!

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