When it comes to split tunneling, a feature of VPN mainly divides internet traffic and some of it is sent through an encrypted VPN or simply a virtual private network tunnel. Meanwhile, routes the rest by a distinctive tunnel available on the open network. It can be done on any kind of VPN like NordVPN. Split tunneling allows choosing the apps for security and which can generally connect. These are several NordVPN reviews and results regarding it. This might be a helpful feature when there is a need to keep some traffic private but still access maintenance to local network devices.

It’s risks

  • In case, not set up correctly or fail to be secure, then the hacker can leave room for accessing info that results from being not being hidden even from ISP.
  • Bypassing security measures comprising proxy serves mainly designed for keeping traffic secure.
  • Corporate IT might lose visibility mainly on anything its employee is doing, comprising less secure network usage or forbidden site browsing on company time.
  • Permission can be bypassed by employees through setup mainly on the corporate network, which means suspicious downloads or blocked sites can be accessed.
  • They were risking the corporate system’s security if the employee used a network less secure.

It’s reasons to use

Internet speed is improved through bottlenecks alleviation and conservation bandwidth due to all internet traffic failing to be forced by passing through a VPN server.

It allows accessing at the same time more than one network to get onto the foreign network or corporate network while remaining connected simply to the local network. It simply means there is no need to keep disconnecting or connecting VPN. Things like these can be done:

  • Stream foreign films while getting on Google local search results.
  • Without slowing down the speed of browsing, download something.
  • While maintaining online privacy, access network printer.

It’s working

  • Among the VPN features, split tunneling is a clever one giving much more control over data that can encrypt and through a VPN server be sent and data that travels by the faster open web unencrypted.
  • To understand VPN split tunneling, there is a need to understand VPN server basics. By default, probably the device has a direct, single connection mainly to the into by which data be received and sent. Meanwhile, when using a VPN creates a secure connection generally between the VPN server and device. Further, the VPN server accesses the internet on behalf. 
  • Thus, every single data gets received and sent through the server of a secure VPN. This keeps all data entirely encrypted as everything required for traveling through the VPN can slow the speeds of the internet.
  • It mainly works by offering the same time the two connections. To the internet, an open connection and the secure VPN connection. Thus, sensitive data can be protected without slowing down majorly from other internet activities.


It can be concluded that the NordVPN review and results reveal that it can access local networks and foreign networks at the same time. Also, it’s excellent if the need saves some of the bandwidth.

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