When it comes to ensuring your little one gets the best sleep, finding the ideal cot for them is essential. There’s a wide range of options available, and selecting the right cot for your child can be a tricky decision. With this in mind, we take you through everything you need to know about choosing the perfect võrevoodi (cot) for their growth and development. 

Safety First 

A top priority when looking at potential cribs should be safety. Always check that any product meets current safety standards – look out for EN 716 certification or equivalent if you’re buying from abroad – as well as being made with non-toxic materials. Make sure there are no gaps between parts of the structure where fingers could get stuck or heads could fit through, and that all corners and edges are rounded off so they don’t cause injury. You also want to avoid anything flammable or likely to contain allergens such as dust mites or mold. As far as possible, try to buy new items rather than secondhand just to ensure complete peace of mind on these points.  

Size matters 

The size of your child’s cot is also important, depending on their age and stage of development. A newborn will not need a lot of space – a 120x60cm cot will be fine – but remember that babies grow quickly! If you have room to upgrade soon after birth, it may be worth considering a larger option, such as 140x70cm, which will give them more space until they reach toddlerhood. Toddlers themselves can benefit from an even bigger bed, up to 160x80cm, which will give them plenty of room until they outgrow the nursery altogether! 

Quality counts 

It goes without saying that quality should also be considered when choosing a cot for your home. The strength and sturdiness of the construction are key; not only will this help keep your child safe, but it will also ensure longevity so you don’t have to replace the cot every few months! Think about how easy it would be to regularly wipe down surfaces after accidents or spills; high-quality lacquered wood finishes work really well here, as do removable covers that can be easily washed when needed.  

Comfort comes first 

Comfort is paramount when it comes to choosing a children’s bed; if it’s not comfortable for children to sleep in, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep! Some beds come with extra features such as adjustable height settings to make midnight feedings easier, while others have integrated storage drawers underneath to keep extra supplies close at hand but out of sight during the day! Allowing your little one to have a say in the design and color choices can also help to encourage positive associations with bedtime routines, as feeling involved in something can make all the difference in ensuring they feel comfortable with their choice of furnishings each night before drifting off to dreamland!  

Style matters too  

Of course, once the practicalities have been taken care of, don’t forget about style, and there are some beautiful designs to suit all budgets, so there’s something special for everyone, whatever their budget! From modern minimalist frames suitable for contemporary family homes to elaborately themed beds featuring characters from cartoons or popular films, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating children’s rooms! 

Invest wisely 

Finally, whichever design you choose, remember to invest wisely; while cheaper alternatives may seem appealing at first glance, remember that children grow quickly – sometimes very quickly – so what was the perfect size last month may feel cramped today… so choosing something that offers great value over its lifetime will save money further down the line! In addition, many retailers offer extended warranties on pieces of furniture, ensuring greater longevity even after normal wear and tear have taken its toll over time.     

In conclusion, choosing the right cot is an important part of creating a nurturing environment in which your little one can grow both physically and emotionally healthy over time – taking into account factors such as size, safety standards, quality construction materials, ease/comfort/style alongside long term investment potential can help ensure both short term happiness as well as long term satisfaction every day henceforth!

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