With the rapid growth of cryptocurrency, many traders are now turning to automated trading systems to maximize their profits. Automated crypto trading has become a must-have tool for any serious trader in this space, as it eliminates the tedious process of manually entering and executing trades. One such system is the Robotbulls auto trading robot, which allows users to customize their trading bots according to their specific goals and strategies. In this article, we’ll explain how you can customize your own version of the Robotbulls auto trading robot so that it suits your needs and helps you reach your desired trading goals with ease.

What is Robotbulls Auto Trading?

Robotbulls auto trading is a trading automatique de crypto service that provides users with a wide range of customizable options so they can tailor their robots according to their own individual preferences and strategies. The platform’s intuitive interface makes setting up your bot easy, while its powerful algorithms provide precision in executing trades for maximum profitability. With Robotbulls auto trading, you can access real-time market data feeds and 24/7 customer support, making it one of the most reliable automated crypto-trading services.

How To Setup Your Auto Trading Bot?

Getting started with Robotbulls auto trading is simple and straightforward: you only need to register on the platform and create an account by entering basic information such as name, email address, and password. Once registered, you can access the platform’s dashboard, where you can begin customizing your bot settings according to your particular needs.

Customizing Your Bot Settings

Once logged into the dashboard, you can access several customizable settings to fine-tune your bot for optimal performance. The main settings include risk management parameters (such as stop losses and take profits), leverage levels (for margin trading), portfolio allocation strategy (for diversifying across multiple assets), and more. You can also select from several strategies, including arbitrage opportunities or trending markets, along with other features like order types (limit orders or market orders) or trade duration (short-term or long-term).

Choosing Your Assets & Markets

RobotBull’s automated trading allows traders to choose from over 50 different cryptocurrencies, along with major fiat currencies such as USDT or USDC stablecoins, plus 11 global fiat currencies such as EURO & GBP, etc., giving them plenty of options when selecting the asset classes they want their bots to trade on their behalf. Traders can also specify which markets they would like their bots to trade in, ranging from spot markets such as Binance Futures & Deribit Perpetual Swaps to more advanced options such as CME Futures & Options contracts. This ensures that each trader’s bot meets their exact requirements in terms of both assets and markets traded within them!

Testing & Debugging

Before starting a live session with real money at stake, it’s important for traders using the RobotBulls automatic trading robot software platform to thoroughly test their chosen settings via back-testing or paper accounts provided by brokerages before proceeding with actual online executions – this way they ensure that everything runs smoothly without any unexpected problems caused by incorrect setup configurations previously made during the customization phase. In addition, debugging tools ensure that any errors identified are quickly rectified before sessions are launched, further reducing the chances of anything going wrong after launch!

Setting up API keys

In order for the RobotBot software program to operate properly without interruption during live sessions once launched, traders must set up API keys between brokerages used to access order books, manage positions, update portfolio values & balances, perform calculations & execution-related tasks associated with robotic algorithmic based automatic cryptocurrency asset class derivatives futures contract execution activities too – these links securely connect brokerages providing direct access required to carry out operations required ensuring a smooth operation throughout given session time period!

Go Live!

Once everything is tested, worked properly, set up correctly, and configured correctly, the only last step left to go live is to officially launch franchise robotic algorithmic based automatic cryptocurrency asset class derivatives futures contract execution activities finally start making those much-anticipated profits anticipated prior to commencement process! All done successfully, good luck, everyone stay safe, enjoy the success that comes with the journey, work diligently hard, persevere day and night tirelessly to reach the ultimate goal target income level aspire towards starting the entire process first place!

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