Everyone wants their life to be convenient. And in this rush lane of life, it has become indispensable for everyone’s life to be more convenient. And when it comes to fashion, it becomes pretty hard, with all the trouble of keeping it organized, getting rid of dirt and stains, and whatnot? But having a few tricks can easily smoothen your life, right?   However, here are a few Best Fashion Tips and Tricks that are going to change your life forever. In addition to that, You can also add some new trendy styles into your closet from Techwear Store to Keep Up with the trend.

  1. Spilled Red wine on your favorite garment? Don’t worry, and you can use white wine to remove the stain.
  2. Jean always shrinks whenever you wash it. So, Before you take it to the tailor, make sure to wash it twice.
  3. To remove any oil stains, coat the stain mark with a small amount of baby powder, and keep it coated overnight. The oil stain should go away by the morning. If it doesn’t go away, you can try the method again until it ultimately fades away.
  4. To organize your clothes in order, make sure to organize them according to light to dark colors. It will enable you to sort out the best dress without wasting hours.
  5. Once you iron your clothes, never put them on immediately. Make sure to wait for 5 to 10 minutes before wearing them. Putting it on immediately can cause new wrinkles to appear on your clothes.
  6. Whenever you mistakenly spill something on your dress or clothes, don’t wipe it or rub it. You will be spreading the stain, which will take you a long time to get rid of.
  7. V-neck sweaters and tees will make your torso look longer.
  8. If you regularly wear sneakers, then it is inevitable to emit odor from the reaction of sweat and moisture. To remove the odor, pour two or three tablespoons of soda into your sneaker and tilt it so that the soda can cover all the surface. By keeping it overnight, you will be quickly getting rid of your sneakers’ odor.
  9. You can also remove odor from old clothes with a homemade remedy. Mix a part of vodka with two-part water. Your home remedy to get rid of odor will be perfect.
  10. To keep the elasticity of your swimwear intact, always wash it with your hands. Even if you want to wash it in a machine, always use a washing bag to wash it.
  11. Always follow the instructions mentioned on the tag of the clothes. It is one of the best ways to wash clothes that provide a longer lifespan to your clothes.
  12. To protect your glasses and shades, always keep them wrapped under a cloth within a small box. It will keep your glasses safe along with the frame.
  13. Always Hang your clothes in shades. Hanging it directly below the sun will burn the color of your clothes.
  14. Always keep the top button buttoned whenever you fold the sleeve of a shirt; it enables the perfect sleeve every time.

By applying these tips and tricks, you will not only be saving your time but also make your overall life much more convenient whenever you decide to buy something new, trendy, something that matches the time you shop in Techwear Store. You will get hundreds of new exotic styles that can enhance your natural look.

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