Do you ever feel like your balcony is an afterthought? It may be time to rethink how you use this outdoor space. Creating a stylish and functional condo balcony can provide a great place for relaxing, entertaining, or just getting some fresh air. Hillhaven Showflat provides inspiration and ideas to help make the most of any size balcony.

Choose Durable Outdoor Furniture

When selecting furniture for your balcony, it’s important to pick stylish and durable items. Weather-proof materials such as wicker, teak wood, aluminum, resin, plastic and stainless steel will help ensure that pieces look good all year while standing up to outdoor elements. Look for furniture featuring lightweight designs that can easily be moved around the space if needed.

Add Comfortable Seating Options

Ensuring comfortable seating on your condo balcony creates an inviting atmosphere. Choose cushioned seating options in bright colors such as yellows and oranges for a cheerful vibe or opt for blues and grays for something more subdued. Adding loose throw pillows and blankets will give your guests something cozy to snuggle up in when the weather turns cool at night.

Brighten Things Up With Plants

Adding plants is one of the best ways to bring life to an outdoor area like a condo balcony. Consider using planters with built-in drainage systems since they don’t require holes in the bottom of them – ideal when working with limited floor space! Place larger plants along walls or towards corners while grouping smaller ones on tables or railings throughout the space.

Create Privacy With Screens & Panels

If you live close to neighbors or near busy roads, having some privacy on your balcony can be an advantage. Installing screens or panels that let in light but still offer some privacy can be an attractive solution without making things too dark. Some panels also come with built-in shelves, which are perfect for storing decorative items or plants if extra storage is needed in the room!

Bring in the shade with canopies and parasols

Depending on where your condo balcony is located about sun exposure, it may be necessary to add shade at certain times of the day – especially during the summer months! Mounted umbrellas are a great solution as they don’t take up valuable floor space and provide plenty of shade throughout the day. Permanent fixtures such as retractable awnings also offer permanent protection from the sun and look great when unfolded!

Light it up at night

Adding lighting options will not only extend the hours of use into the late evening, but will also create a beautiful ambience when entertaining friends outdoors! Consider stringing fairy lights over railings or trees for a soft glow, while battery-powered LED lights tucked underneath pieces of furniture create subtle splashes of color even after the sun has set!

Maximise space with folding furniture and wall decor

If your patio space is limited, fear not! There are plenty of clever ways that folding chairs and tables can help you maximize your existing space without sacrificing style! In addition, wall-mounted décor such as shelving, hanging herb boxes and planter holders add tons of visual interest without taking away from the actual living space within the room itself – allowing you to enjoy the Hillhaven Showflat even more!

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