You might have seen quirky, beautiful porcelain or ceramic pieces with Asian symbols of the god Ganesha or Lotuses in shops that trail the smoke downwards. So, if you have seen and gotten bewitched by these tiny, magical pieces of art, you might have indeed wondered what makes the smoke twirl downwards? And, it is pretty natural to have that question in your mind because typically, the smoke goes upwards, doesn’t it? 

What is up with this sorcery? 

Well, it is pretty simple to understand if you know the basic principles of physics. As you might know, according to the rules of science, due to the difference in air pressures, hot air rises because it is lighter. But, in the case of incense waterfalls which are also known as backflow incense or backflow burners, due to a small hole present in the bottom of specially designed incense cones, the inside cool air of the burner reaches the smoke. This cool air then ends up pulling the smoke downwards. This is all about the secret of tricking folks. 

Also, the smoke is not the same as the normal one, and it is a little thicker. This density certainly gives a kind of visual effect that imitates a natural waterfall in a strikingly similar manner. Though the smoke production lasts for a shorter period, between 10-15 minutes, it is enough to give you a soothing feel. 

But, despite these benefits of an incense waterfall, it is essential to take care of a few things so that the chances of any error become completely redundant. First and foremost, it is essential to have fire-resistant material placed carefully below the entire structure so that any sort of accident can be prevented. We would advise you to have an extra saucer placed below because the smoke sheds some color sometimes, and you definitely do not want your furniture to get dirty. 

Lighting a backflow burner is different from simple burners, and here’s how to do it in the best possible way

  • First, set up the incense waterfall under ordinary room conditions. Make sure there is no extra cool air.
  • Please put it on a fire-resistant material.
  • Have tongs and a water pot nearby to safely remove the cone and put off the flame when desired.
  • Light the incense tone by tilting it a little and wait for it to burn nice and sweet.
  • Now put off the flame and put it on the backflow burner carefully, and enjoy the waterfall. 

Use the tongs and water to blow out the cone if you want to put it off midway or want to make sure that it is entirely out.

The effects of an incense waterfall are magical and hypnotic. They are very useful for medication and all of your concentration and contemplative exercises. Just like a cascading waterfall makes you feel as if you are letting go of your negative energy, the incense waterfall causes in you a kind of sense of surrender, which is deeply satisfying for the soul. And, you may please experiment with the aroma once in a while; the effects would be euphoric, we bet. 

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