A glass teapot is an essential item to have in your kitchen. It’s not only beautiful, but it also has many advantages over its counterparts made from other materials. Here are some reasons why you should choose a glass teapot over the others: 

It’s easy to clean 

The beauty and design of a glass teapot make it easy to clean as well. There’s no need to worry about getting spills or any other messes because cleaning up a glass teapot is simple. You can simply rinse it out with water and then dry it off. After that, all you have to do is wipe down any residue. If you’re worried about the stains on your mug, just scrub away at them with a little bit of soap and warm water. The material used for making a glass teapot makes it a durable item that will last you a long time. Because it’s glass, it won’t break easily if dropped or knocked off the counter. In fact, it can even withstand heat! So don’t be afraid to use your glass teapot for heating your tea or coffee. 

It doesn’t absorb smells 

Another advantage of using a glass teapot is that it doesn’t absorb odors like metal does. This means that the aroma of your tea or coffee stays intact when you pour it into the glass vessel. This comes in handy if you want to serve guests who prefer their beverages without any strong scents. 

With a glass teapot, there’s no chance of your favorite beverage smelling bad. With other vessels, you have to be careful so you don’t accidentally spill any liquid onto your clothes or carpet. 

It’s lightweight 

Some people think that a glass teapot weighs more than a metal one. However, this isn’t true since most glasses weigh around 1 to 2 ounces. A glass teapot is very light-weight compared to a ceramic one. 

The weight of a glass teapot is similar to that of an empty jar. Glass is much lighter than ceramic. But just bear in mind that it’s still heavy enough to hold, especially if you’re pouring hot liquids! 

It’s shatterproof 

Unlike metal, glass is hard yet lightweight. It’s able to withstand high temperatures and pressure. In addition, it can withstand impacts. These properties make it perfect for holding hot liquids. 

Glass isn’t brittle either. It can withstand being dropped, which makes it safer for kids to play with. Glass is also very light, so it doesn’t take much force to knock it over. 

It looks great on display 

Many people find the look of a glass teapot appealing. They tend to feel comfortable putting it on display, where it can enhance the décor of any room. There are many designs available for you to choose from. Some teapots come with floral patterns while some have geometric shapes. Some come in different colors too. 

If you’re looking for something unique, try adding a handle to it. The handle allows you to carry your glass teapot wherever you go. And because it’s lightweight, you’ll hardly notice that you’ve got it on your shoulder. 

You can use it indoors or outdoors 

One thing that makes a glass teapot versatile is that you don’t necessarily have to use it inside your home. You can use it both indoors and outdoor. 

For instance, if you want to enjoy your tea outside, you can use a glass teapot to set it on. The weather won’t affect the durability of the teapot because it’s made of glass. And you can also use it to keep your drink cold. Just remember to pack it with ice before setting it outside. 

It’s dishwasher safe 

Because glass is durable, it can withstand heat. You can use it to warm up your drinks in the microwave. But don’t forget to cover it with a paper towel first to avoid spilling anything. 

This is also good news for those who are concerned about washing dishes after they use their teapot. Since it’s made of glass, it’s not only easy to wash; it’s also easy to sterilize. Just fill it with boiling water and let it stay in the pot until it cools down. When it’s done, you can remove it from the pot and wash it with soap and hot water. 

It’s eco-friendly 

The material used for manufacturing a glass teapot is BPA free. As such, you don’t have to worry about plastic leaching chemicals into your beverages. 

BPA is dangerous to humans as well as animals. It may cause cancer, reproductive problems, and behavioral disorders among others. Not only that, it’s harmful to our environment too. Plastic leaches toxins into our food and water supply. And it degrades into smaller pieces that end up in our bodies. 

So instead of buying a glass teapot, consider choosing a stainless steel one. Although it’s pricier, it’s healthier for the environment too. 

It’s non-porous 

Unlike porcelain, glass is non-porous. This means that it won’t absorb flavors from your food. It’s ideal for serving foods that require less seasoning, such as steamed vegetables or meat. 

A non-porous surface is also useful in preventing bacteria from growing. So you don’t have to worry about mold growing on your teapot. 

Other benefits of using a glass teapot include: 

They’re more hygienic 

Glass is easier to clean, so it’s better for hygiene. You don’t have to worry about your utensils being contaminated by germs. 

They’re cheaper 

As mentioned earlier, a glass teapot is less expensive than a ceramic or metal one. If you buy one online, you can get discounts depending on the size and type of teapot you buy. 

They’re easier to repair 

Glass teapots are more durable than their counterparts made from other materials. This is good news because if a part breaks, you can easily replace it. But if you bought a ceramic teapot, you might have to throw it away if it gets damaged. 

They’re lighter 

Glass teapots are lighter than ceramic ones. So if you want to carry your teapot around while you’re walking, you can wear it on your shoulder. Or you could bring it along during travel. 

They’re more affordable 

Glass teapots are less expensive than their ceramic counterparts. This is because the price of a glass teapot depends on the quality and style of the piece. The more expensive ones have higher-quality materials. 

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